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        Socio-Legal Studies Association
        Where law meets the social sciences & humanities
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        Where law meets the social sciences & humanities

        Welcome to the Socio-Legal Studies Association, a UK registered charity whose aims are 'to advance education and learning in the field of socio-legal studies and to promote research'. Please take a few moments to explore the site to find out about our numerous activities and the benefits of joining the SLSA.

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        SLSA Seminars 2022

        The SLSA Board has announced the winners of this year's SLSA Seminar Competition!

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        SLSA Board 2022–23

        The SLSA membership voted in Professor John Harrington as our new Chair at the AGM on 7 April 2022. Five new Board members were also elected. Full details on the Board page.

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        SLSA Annual Prizes: 2022 winners announced!

        The 2022 prizewinners were announced at the SLSA Conference Dinner in York on 7 April.

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        SLSA Impact and Engagement Activities

        The SLSA Board is delighted to announce the launch of a new suite of support and funding for impact and engagement activities by SLSA members.

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